Overview & Target Client
Emily D. H. Olson is a coach, speaker, and small business consultant. Pivoting from her business as a health and wellness coach and her brand "Whole Life Wellness", Emily D. H. Olson was looking for new visual identity to reflect her shift in direction.
Emily’s audience is made of business professionals, who are also parents, looking for clarity and direction in all aspects of their overwhelmed lives.
Emily wanted a clean, professional design containing elements of approachability and strength.
Color: In re-evaluating the brand, it was decided the color green no longer was appropriate for the redirection that was being made. Instead, this palette evokes a feeling of calm and being stress-free, all while remaining strong and steadfast.
Typography: The sans-serif font provides a clean, modern look, while the lowercase letters give a "down-to-earth," not-so-buttoned-up feel.
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