Overview & Target Client
Lehigh Valley Learning Center is more than just “child care.” LVLC prides itself on providing excellent care and education for children, peace of mind for their parents, and a great work environment for LVLC staff. LVLC strives to create a place to allow children to learn, explore, and grow while giving parents peace of mind. Families know LVLC is a fun, educational place to enroll their children. LVLC hopes parents will feel their family’s well-being and child(ren)’s development are the focus.
LVLC's target is families with young children, single moms, and working parents who live and/or work nearby the facility in Bethlehem, PA.
In this logo, the focus was placed on kids and exploration as a means of learning.
Mark:  The mark in this logo depicts a blasting rocket, emphasizing the idea of exploration and shooting for the stars.
Typography:  This mix of serif font, providing strength and stability; and script font, reminiscent of child-like fun. The script font also provides a sufficient balance to soften the stronger serif font.
Color:  Although the basis of the color palette was those that appeal to children, the primary color depicted is blue, providing a calm, peaceful, and reassuring feel.
Overall this design is fun, colorful, and approachable, while maintaining a clean-lined, professional appearance.
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