Hi, I'm Rebekah

Credit: Jessica Romans |

See that girl up there? Yep, that's me, Rebekah, enjoying a moment where I felt most like myself.


The Outfit: Black v-neck tee. Skinny, ankle-length jeans. Yellow acrylic earrings. Leather-banded watch. Gray knock-off Converse. Mid-century-inspired glasses. Pixie-cut hair.

The Setting: A beautiful mural, painted by a local artist, on a warm summer day in the heart of my hometown, Easton, PA. Not to mention, the color palette is on-point with RPD's branding.

The Company: An old-friend-turned-photographer, and off-camera, my three favorite people in the world.

These factors combined brought on a pure, uninhibited sense of identity and confidence in who I am as a strong, creative woman, working to leave an impact in this world. How do I plan on doing that?

By providing emotionally-complex humans simple, authentic ways to say what we mean, and mean what we say - with creativity, and without clutter.