...or Becky or Beck or Bekah or Zellie (but only if I've called you "Mom" all my life).⁠
This photo is an important memory for me. Why? Because as the shutter clicked, I was enjoying a moment where I felt most like myself: my signature style captured by an old-friend-turned-photographer; an awesome mural in the heart of my hometown as the backdrop; and three humans off-camera who are my favorite peeps in the world.
As much as I felt like myself in this photo, my whole self would never be able to be captured in a single moment... or in a single "About" page, for that matter.
- I love all things creative, and am partial to mid-century design.
- I am an Enneagram 6w7, and have embraced more of my introverted side as time goes on.
- I'm on an imperfect journey towards sustainable living, ethical consumerism, and cultivating a minimalist lifestyle. One step at a time, baby. One step at a time.
- I'm a strong advocate for saying what we actually mean and keeping mental health a very open discussion.⁠
- I've known my husband longer than I've known my sister, who is older than me by four months. Yeah, bet you can't figure that one out.
- I've held jobs in insurance, law, retail, nonprofit, fitness, and broadcast radio - the latter being where I hold my degree (Radio & Television Production). Yet, even in high school I knew I wanted to work in art and design. Took ya effin' long enough to find your way back, Becky.
- My happy place is Palm Springs, CA since I had the privilege of visiting in 2019, and our family's thirst for exploration and adventure has flourished over the last few years as the two kids get older.
Most importantly, I always try to be open, honest, direct, and transparent with everyone in my life - friend, family, customer, or client - and hope i can empower you to do the same.
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